The suwgra Heritage Inn

The only heritage lodge in Al Jabal Al Akhdar that offers a unique accommodation experience where calm, adventure, challenge, and enjoyment of the beauty of natural and natural life meet at the same time.

The rooms were built from materials that are available in the surrounding environment, such as stones and wood, with plants and trees that adorn the corridors and breathe life into them.

Instructions for the hostel to maintain public order are as follows:

  1. Maintain general calm in the place.
  2. Commitment to covering and modest clothing (for men and women) for the duration of stay in the hostel.
  3. Avoid touching or going to any of the village's farms to prevent embarrassment.
  4. Throw the waste in its designated place.

5.To prevent embarrassment, it is strictly forbidden to smoke (cigarettes - Shisha, ) smoke or drink alcohol in the hostel.

Violation for non-compliance with this (an amount twice the room reservation price for that night)

  1. Obligation to turn off the external lights of rest houses and corridors after ten o'clock at night (the purpose of this is for the guest to experience the old night atmosphere in the village).
  2. It is forbidden to photograph people in the village without permission.
  3. Attention to children during the stay.

We wish you a unique and happy stay