A village in the state of Al Jabal Al Akhdar Governorate Al-Dakhiliya and one of the ancient villages, and its construction dates back to more than (500) years, and it was called that, as there was one (sugar) tree in it, and the torrential rains uprooted it after that.
It is distinguished from the rest of the villages of the Green Mountain by its isolation to the northeastern side of the mountain alone. It has pomegranate, walnut, peach and apricot trees, and the rest of the crops that characterize the Al Jabal Al Akhdar .
It is characterized by its calmness and cool atmosphere in the summer and cold in the winter, where the pristine nature and fresh air.
Among the handicrafts that the mountain blind industry was famous for, and some wooden industries, which still exist today. And the weaving is old.
After the year 2014, when the last family that used to live in it moved, thinking began to conserve it, and the idea was to convert the rooms into a heritage hostel for tourists and visitors to the village, as work began on the idea since the beginning of the year 2016 AD. Indeed, the guests began to be received, and the number of visitors to the village was increasing, and from here we set out to work on the project
(House of Suwgra).

The beginning of work in the heritage inn

The project began to appear after the last family in the village left to live in the opposite area, and the decision was to preserve the old village from extinction, and .the idea of benefiting from it and preserving it came at the end of 2015
I started the project in February 2016, when the actual operation started in June
(6), and the operation was at the end of the week when the weekly vacation and .everyone devoted themselves to work and the service provided to the guests
The project faced several difficulties at its inception, the most important of which was the lack of a connection or network in the village where it relied on a friend .from outside the village to communicate with us
After that, the project developed into three rooms in 2017 AD, four rooms in 2018 .AD, and six rooms in 2019 AD
The closure of the years 2020 and 2021 AD was an opportunity for the development and maintenance of the remaining rooms in the project in general, and in the year 2022 AD the old rooms in the project were maintained, modified .and removed in the appropriate and required manner
It is the appearance of the village today

The experience of living in the house of the Suwgra .

When your adventurous soul yearns for the experience of a lifetime, a breathtaking experience that makes the soul confused between desire and awe, leaning towards both at the same moment, you will find that you are in the House of the Suwgra.

Here is the bright and calm sunshine at the same time, of which the greatest share hits you as you walk to us, after which you find the shadow in the halls of the

Suwgra , accompanied by a fresh breeze of fresh air that fills your lungs as if it had not entered it. Wah before him.
And what increases your exciting experience deeper is that everything around you greets you with its magnificence in silence as if it is talking to you, the mountain trees and its plants that distinguish it, the mountain cliff and its ancient steadfast stones scattered on the sides of the road, and the sound of nature that Bring calm and reassurance to yourself, as if you were moving to another time dimension. You wouldn
't have realized it had you not come to us. Yes, here we are talking about the house of the Suwgra.

You discover with us our ancient life, which extends back to 500 years ago, far from the hustle and bustle of cities, and close to life and its innate, authentic style, and to be more accurate in our description, you are here far from everything.
Here you will relive the experience of life again, an unforgettable experience, an experience whose beautiful impact will remain deep in your heart. Yes, here we are talking about the house of the Suwgra .


To be the first destination in Al Jabal Al Akhdar for those wishing to experience accommodation in the heritage inns.

The Mission

Preserving the transfer of the experience of the ancient Omani man with all its elements.

Products / Services

1. Daily rent for rooms overlooking the valley
2. Accompanying activities (Mail, visit the village ancient times, visiting the cave, & seasonal excursions).

3. Geographical location: The location is ideal for adventure lovers and amateurs exploring the mountainous environment. 
4. Transportation from the Berkat AlMouz until the hostel & vice versa. 


1. Quietness: The hostel is located in a place where it is completely quiet throughout the day, as it is almost isolated from everything, and only the sounds of the surrounding environment are heard in it.
2. Geographical location: The location is ideal for adventure lovers and amateurs exploring the mountainous environment.

3. Length: All rooms are characterized by wonderful views of the valley, allowing guests to enjoy the outside view throughout the day, morning and evening.

Village Visitor

1. (2016) 400 visitors

2. (2017) 900 visitors

3. (2018) 1562 visitors

4. (2019) 1400 visitors

5. (2020) 800 visitors

6. (2021) 600 visitors

7. (2022) 4816 visitors